Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big boy bed + potty training

Eli is super excited to be getting a big boy bed- he even helped David put it together.  Big boy bed and underwear in the same week? I don't think I can handle all of the changes that are happening to my baby! 

He was so excited when his nightstand came in, wanted to stuff everything in the drawer.. and I moved his bed around, it looked better this way. Now I just need to finish decorating. 

Potty training is going really well. We have been doing it for 4 days and have only had a few accidents. He gets mad when I just take him to the bathroom, which I learned on the first day when I kept getting him to sit every 15 minutes (he ended up holding it for over 2 hours! ha! My strong-willed little boy) so I just remind him to tell me when he has to go.. and he does almost every time!

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Dentist Visit

Eli had his first dentist visit today- and I couldn't believe how good he did! 
The office is great, and I think he did so well because they let him spray the water on the floor.. ha! 
He's got the cutest little cross bite and hopefully it'll fix itself, but both David + I had braces.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Luke is 1!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!
Over the past year, whew.. you have made mommy tired! ;) 

You have started to love the game of chase but most of all loooooveee to read books- any kind and all day.  You are really good in the car as long as we have Mickey Mouse playing.  You sleep from 8PM-7AM and take one nap a day, for 2 hours. 

Your other favorite thing is eating.. You don't miss a meal and you like to eat at very specific times or you get angry.. you have quite the little temper my son.  I think your favorite thing is avocados but that really changes daily and I haven't yet found something that you didn't like.

You aren't super cuddly, but every once & a while you will lay your head on me.. and I soak up every second.  Typically I can always count on you to lay your head on me right before bedtime.

When you dance you hold your hands together and swing your arms- it's super cute. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

22 Months & 4 Months

Eli is 22 months -
He weighs 28 pounds
He is not interested in TV unless it's in the car.. and he watches Thomas & Barney.. I don't know if he really likes them or if he watches it because we have downloaded them for him.
He talks really well! He isn't speaking in sentences but will put things together (for instance, if David is gone in the morning, he will say, "Daddy" "bye-bye")
He learned the word "heavy" and will try to lift anything he can while saying the word.
One of the first things he does when he wakes up is run to find his "baby" - He loves Luke!
We started doing a gymnastic class for toddlers- I really enjoy that time once a week with him.
His favorite book is "Go, Dog! Go." And he sleeps with the dog & a bear we made him at the mall. 
The dog was Davids..and it is so special that now it's Eli's! 
He is a really good eater.  If it is something he likes.. he will eat you out of the home! 

Luke is 18 pounds! My little chunkamunk.
He sleeps from 9PM - 6:30-8AM
He is getting much better about not having to be held ALL day long. 
He isn't as "grumpy" faced as he used to be.. we get a lot of smiles and laughs.
He takes 1 good nap and 1-2 short naps. 
He can roll both ways (and has done that since he was 2 months old!)
He has really good head control, and so badly wants to sit! He is always trying to pull his neck up.
He loves to watch Eli run around.. and he will just sit and watch him.
He sleeps on his belly and sometimes has a hard time sleeping if he isn't in his crib.
He is really good at playing with toys and grabbing things.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Family Portraits May 2013

I try to have a session every few months.. at these ages the boys change SO much! I'm thankful to have friends in the industry to swap with.  My main goal was to get ONE good family shot.. and one of my boys & I.  And we got more than that!  Luke showed a bit of his "grumpy baby" face..but also brought out some sweet smiles!  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Set of Family Pictures

This is our first family of four set of pictures.. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013


Eli is super curious about this new baby in the house. When he visited in the hospital he was more interested in everything in the room than checking out who I was holding. We are working on "gentle" and so far so good! I tell him to "pat pat pat" and he will lightly pat Luke while saying the's very cute! He LOVES when I change Luke's diaper- he will scoop it up and go throw it away. Currently I have lots of help and David has been keeping him engaged all day- but soon it'll just me be and the boys. I'm excited to get se sort of routine down. Not sure how tired I'll be- but it'll be worth it :)

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